Welcome to GREAT WHITE & CO! My name is Sri Kandula and I'll be your guide today. GREAT WHITE & CO was conceived in 2019 and fully executed in 2020 by Alexandria Stilley and myself. We are two filmmakers that met in college as we pursued our Bachelor of Arts degrees in Film. Our passion for movies, video games, and books alike inspired us to collaborate on this website. The goal of GREAT WHITE & CO was to create dialogue around films we watch, games we play, and books we read. This small idea currently brings hundreds of readers a week to the site, thousands of daily views on YouTube, and The GWandCO Show is now available on all major podcast streaming platforms.

Where did we get the title? We get this question a lot, and the answer is pretty simple. Ever since I was a kid I have been obsessed with sharks. So as Alexa and I racked our heads for a name I threw out the option GREAT WHITE & CO in reference to the carcharodon carcharias, more commonly known as the Great White Shark. And though we did initially move past it to consider other choices we soon realized that this name was the one. We haven't looked back since.

Every week there are hundreds of films, games, and books being released, and though we'd love to talk about them all, it's simply impossible with our small team. Plus with big entertainment websites providing on the hour updates it's not where we want to spend our energy. Instead, the titles we discuss are ones that are of personal interest to us. Games that we've had on our backlog or movies we've been anticipating. If we consume some sort of media and we have something to say about it, we'll write. This ensures that we never mindlessly pump out content to stay relevant and you can rest assured that everything we say is our honest opinion.

If you've read any of our reviews on the site, you may have noticed that we don't leave scores. No 8/10, B+, or 89%. This is because, while it's easy for a reader to scroll to the bottom and read the number, grade, or percentage, it often doesn't do justice to the actual discussion at hand. If you're in a hurry, we'd rather you skim the review to get the gist of it rather than look at one score and determine it's value.

If you want to contact us just use the contact form on the sidebar and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!

The GW&CO Team
  • Alexandria Stilley (Co-Founder, Host, Editor in Chief)
  • Sri Kandula (Co-Founder, Editor in Chief)
  • Austin Perkins (The GWandCO Show Guest Host)
  • Nick Sivak (Freelance Writer)

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