Bring the Family | Quarantine Watchlist Week 3

Week 3 and we are all still in Quarantine! This week we thought we'd give a few lighter films, ones to be watched with your whole family, so you're mom can ask you why a character did something that has not been explained yet, your dad can say how at least half the actors/actresses are "that guy/girl from that thing" and children can maybe sit quietly for ten minutes, or more if you're lucky! But seriously, these are all just some fun, feel-good movies that we feel are worth a watch.

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse (2018) | Netflix

This animated film is the first Spiderman film to feature Miles Morales as the iconic web-slinger. After Miles is bitten by a radioactive spider, he starts to realize something isn't quite right. He soon meets Peter Parker and discovers that there are more like him. Miles must use his newfound skills to defeat Kingpin and all his henchmen, with help from some friends who are out of this world, or universe rather. The compelling plot and characters are surrounded by bright and colorful animation that utilizes many techniques from the comic books the film is based on. It also has a great score, featuring artists like Post Malone, Jaden Smith, Nicki Minaj, Juice Wrld, and many others, as well as having many recognizable voice actors in the film, such as Hailee Steinfeld, Nicolas Cage, John Mulaney, and more. This lively animation is different from the superhero movies we are used to, in the best possible way. I have yet to meet someone who would not give this film a 5/5 star rating.

Onward (2019) | Disney Plus

If you have Disney Plus then you are definitely not having issues finding family-friendly content. The plethora of childhood favorites, while overwhelming at times, is definitely good for a few feel-good hours as we all try and make it through the lockdown. Onward is Pixar's newest film, and it is definitely worth a watch. The film stars Tom Holland and Chris Pratt as brothers in a world of fantasy after it has been industrialized. Inspired by a real story of the director, Dan Scanlon, where he found a tape recording of his father who died too young for him to remember, simply saying "hi" and "bye." The film follows the two brothers on a quest to see their dad, and the ending is indeed a tearjerker, as many Pixar films are. It's not Pixar's best film to date, but it is a sweet and moving film that will bring a smile to your face.

Oh! Baby (2019) | Netflix

This Telugu-language film is about a 70-year-old woman (Lakshmi) called Baby,  who is transformed back into her 24-year-old self (Samantha), allowing her a chance to live out her dreams and change her life to be closer to how she always wanted it to be. This film is based on a 2014 South Korean film Miss Granny which is available on Prime, but director, B. V. Nandini Reddy makes the film her own. This is a very fun and cute film that will make you laugh and smile as Baby stumbles her way into discovering what is most important in life. Samantha elevates the film with a funny and heartfelt performance as a young Baby.

Bumblebee (2018) | Hulu and Prime

This film is the first Transformers spin-off movie and is directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings). It still has the action that's so prevalent in Michael Bay's main-line films, but with a balance of character as well. The film stars Hailee Steinfeld who plays Charlie, A teenage girl who picks up a car from a junkyard that just happens to be Bumblee the Autobot, who is hiding on Earth from the Decepticons. Set in 1987, there are plenty, if not too many, nostalgia references for parents to laugh with and relate to, while still being modern enough to allow the younger generations to enjoy it as well. Steinfeld delivers one of the most developed and rounded characters that we've seen in a Transformers film.

Raja The Great (2017) | Prime

Another Telugu-language film, but this one with a very different story. Ravi Teja plays Raja, a blind man with a constable mother whose only wish is for her son to become a cop. Raja instead gets chosen for an undercover mission to protect the daughter of a recently murdered cop from a violent gangster. Her name is Lucky and she's played by Mehrene. This film does have some violent scenes, but it is rated as being suitable for all ages (as almost all Indian films are). As Raja inspires the people around him, he also does what he can to help fulfill his mother's wish. Ravi Teja is the center of the film, his light-hearted and natural portrayal of Raja brings a nice lift to the film, as well as some great fight and dance sequences.

National Treasure (2004) | Netflix

National Treasure is a film that more people who grew up in the 2000s will remember from when your teacher wheeled in the TV cart for an "educational" film about the constitution. With many parents struggling with their children's learning from home, this film can definitely replace a lesson or two of American History. In case you don't know about this film, it stars Nicolas Cage as Ben Gates, a historian, and code-breaker. He has spent his whole life searching for a treasure that dates back to the beginning of the U.S. After joining an expedition to the Arctic circle with Ian Howe (Sean Bean) he discovers a clue that links the treasure to the Declaration of Independence, and the race to find it begins! This film is not one to win any rewards, but it is a wonderful guilty pleasure film!

Rango (2011) | Hulu and Prime

A Chameleon, voiced by Johnny Depp, has spent his life as an ordinary house pet, but he finds himself in a lawless wild-west town called Dirt. Here he must learn how to become the true Sheriff of the town and stand out when he's spent his whole life blending in. This unique animated film pays tribute to old westerns while adding a comedic twist and staying both entertaining for children and having some more mature moments for adults to pick up on. This bizarre film will stand out against the animated kids' films you are used to, both in its style and story.

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