Foreign Films | Quarantine Watchlist Week 6

Last week we gave you some action (check the list out HERE). This week we decided to take it international. Here's a list of 7 foreign films (as well as 3 honorable mentions at the bottom)! Hope you enjoy!

Nani's Gangleader (2019) | Prime

This Telugu-language Indian film is about a revenge novel author (Nani), whose whole life gets changed when five women (Lakshmi, Saranya Ponvannan, Priyanka Arulmohan, Shriya Reddy, and Praanya) come knocking at his door for help. The five women, who each belong to a different age group, have all faced the loss of a loved one from one terrible night. The six of them must work together in order to plot the ultimate revenge. This fun crime drama has a very simple plot that is made special by the characters. Director Vikram Kumar brings out the best of each character and actor allowing for a film full of comedy, emotion, and suspense. It also offers wonderful songs, my favorite being Hoyna Hoyna

I Saw the Devil (2010) | Crackle

This South Korean thriller/drama follows Kim Soo-hyeon (Byung-hun Lee) on his road to revenge after his fiance is brutally murdered. The movie quickly turns violent as Kim falls deep into the darkness as he goes down the bloody road to justice. I'm not going to lie, this movie had some scenes so visceral that I had to look away, but its exploration of the minds of some truly twisted individuals creates an engaging film to watch. Director Kim Jee-woon does a truly amazing job of showing the darkest sides of humanity.

3 Idiots (2009) | Netflix and Prime

This very popular Bollywood film is about, you guessed it, 3 idiots. These idiots are in the form of 3 college pals and the story of how they became friends and reconnect later in life. Farhan (R. Madhavan) and Raju (Sharman Joshi), form a deep friendship with Rancho (Aamir Khan) during their college years. Rancho offers a new, more positive, outlook on life, that changes both of them for the better. Years later, a bet allows them the chance to try to find and reconnect with their elusive long-lost friend. This comedy film talks about very real and relatable issues for adults and students all around the world, and I have indeed seen it 3 times, so I definitely think it one to watch. If that's not enough to convince you, it also has wonderful songs such as All Izz Well.

Shoplifters (2018) | Hulu

This Japanese crime drama focuses on a dysfunctional family who is united by intense loyalty, and love for petty theft. but when their young son is arrested, all their secrets are about to come out and the family is forced out of their beneath the radar existence. This tale of poverty and love is brought to life by director Hirokazu Koreeda. It gives light to very serious issues surrounding the impoverished, specifically in Japan, but it can also be compared to other places as well. The film will make you feel both hopeful and uplifted, while still being very harsh and depressing. I watched this film when interning at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival, it was one of my favorite films I got to watch, and it won the Palm d'Or.

Trollhunter (2010) | Youtube Free and Crackle

This film is brought to us from Norway. It's an adventure fantasy about three students who are investigating reports of illegal poaching, during their research, these filmmakers encounter a man (Otto Jespersen) who slays trolls for the Norwegian government. The trolls themselves are straight out of Norwegian folklore, and the film is entertaining while being quite unique and odd. Director André Øvredal utilizes the mock-documentary style of filmmaking to create a clever and engaging film filled with dark comedy.

HIT: The First Case (2020) | Prime

This Indian Telugu-language film is a mystery thriller about a 30-year-old cop named Vikram Rudraraju (Vishwak Sen). While battling his own past, he gets assigned the case of a young girl named Preethi who has mysteriously disappeared from Telegana's largest city, Hyderabad. Directed by Sailesh Kolanu, this film offers a thrilling tale as Vikram struggles to solve the case at any cost.

A Silent Voice (2016) | Netflix

If this Japanese animated film does not make you cry, you are inhuman. This coming of age story talks about bullying, and the long term effects it can have on everyone involved. A young girl is tormented and bullied so mercilessly because she is hearing impaired, she must transfer to another school. Years later, one of the bullies sets out to make amends. As with most of the films on this list, it is relatable no matter where you are from, as it discusses real issues that many people face all around the world. Director Naoko Yamada created a film that is best described as poignant, a word it symbolizes through its written story, a subtle and moving score, as well as the beautiful visuals from the animation.


Oscar-Winning South Korean film PARASITE (2019) | Hulu

We wanted to include this film since it did of course win Best Picture, but we wanted to reserve the list of 7 films for ones you are more likely to have not heard of. This South Korean film offers a commentary on classism is brought to life through metaphors and beautiful visual cues by director Bong Joon-ho.

Highest Grossing Indian films of all time Baahubali: The Beginning and Baahubali: The Conclusion | Netflix 

Unfortunately, the films are not available in their original Telugu language, which is why they didn't make the main list. However, both parts of Baahubali are available in a few other languages, so here are all the Netflix links:
The Beginning: Tamil - Hindi - Malayalam - English
The Conclusion: Tamil - Hindi - Malayalam
I'd recommend the Tamil version as that is the "closest" to the original Telugu. The Baahubali films are fantasy action films, and while both are worth the watch, the sequel is even better than the first!

Check out next week's list HERE! There are also so many more wonderful films out there, so if you have any recommendations please leave them in the comments below! We're all looking for more movies to watch!

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  1. Premam 2015
    Dil se 1999
    My sassy Girl (korean)
    Your Name (Anime)
    Hero 2002 (China)
    House of flying dagres
    Bicycle theives
    Cinema paradicio

    1. Premam and Your Name are very good choices. Thank you for the recommendations! We'll check out the others soon!

  2. Mayabazar (telugu) (prime )
    Though it was released in 1957 it is the best movie ever made in telugu
    Based on the Mahabharata tale.
    Please watch it, you'll love it

    1. We'll have to take a look! Thank you for the suggestion! :D

  3. Please watch kumbalangi nights (Malayalam ) movie iam dam sure that you will like it. Please watch it