So Bad, They're Good | Quarantine Watchlist Week 7

Last week on Quarantine Watchlist we recommend some of our favorite foreign movies that are currently streaming on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube. In our second to last week, we thought we'd give you some of our favorite so bad that they're good films!

The Fanatic (2019) | Prime

John Travolta truly shows his range as an actor, and of hairstyles, when he plays Moose, a crazed movie fan who is obsessed with his favorite action hero, Hunter Dunbar (Devon Sawa). When he feels cheated out of a chance to meet Hunter, Moose gets help to find where he lives. Moose's actions quickly take a turn for the worse, and Dunbar finds himself trapped with an increasingly dangerous stalker. Despite the emotional and quite impressive acting by Travolta, the story is shallow and, even though it is labeled as a thriller, it offers no real thrills or suspense. This film definitely dances the line between being good-bad and just straight bad, it truly depends on the person which side it will fall in.

Bring It On Worldwide #Cheersmack (2017) | Netflix

There are a plethora of Bring it On films, but this one is the most #relatable. With the "teen" girls using hashtags, almost all of which including the word cheer in them, you know that it is definitely in touch with today's youth. I watched this movie on my birthday last year and I was not disappointed. Destiny (Cristine Prosperi), who is the captain of a three-time national champion cheer squad, is challenged by a new mysterious and edgy team called The Truth. Cheer Goddess (Vivica A. Fox), organizes their virtual battle, and groups from all around the world compete, so the team really has to bring it on if they want to win. Hey, I see what they did there, so clever. There are many films out there about teens written by adults, but this may be the one with the most surface-level understanding of social media and the upcoming generation that I've ever seen.

Action Point (2018) | Hulu

Brought to you by Johnny Knoxville, a name that you may recognize from the infamous show Jackass. This film definitely has that same ball-crushing fun that many people can watch and reminisce of days as a kid trying to recreate Johnny's "do not try this at home" stunts. The film's story revolves around Johnny's character D.C. who is the owner of an extremely low-budget amusement park that breaks almost every safety violation. As his daughter Boogie comes to visit, a big name mega-park opens next door, and D.C must pull out all stops in order to save the park, which is fittingly named Action Point. For our full review of the film, click HERE.

World Famous Lover (2020) | Netflix

I went into this movie with very neutral expectations, which were quickly switched them to laughing. A struggling writer's girlfriend breaks up with him, and he attempts to work through his emotions by writing romance novels that he hopes will win her back. Sadly though, these romance novels all only show off how selfish, needy, and uncaring he is towards the woman he is supposed to love, which I don't know about you, but that would not work for winning me back. Vijay Deverakonda plays the role of Gautham very well creating great emotion around him, but the character is written in a way that I found to be extremely unlikable, despite their many very obvious attempts to try and make him likable, which for me only added to the enjoyment.

Scales (2017) | Netflix

We all know and love classic mermaid movies, and there are some great ones, but there are many more bad ones. Thankfully, this film falls into the latter. Siren (Emmy Perry) is a seemingly ordinary girl, about to celebrate her 12th birthday. Little does she know, but when her birthday comes around, she's destined to turn into a mermaid! I know the title and her name make that a big surprise moment in the film, sorry for the spoiler. After this reveal is when the plot begins to thicken. Her new best friend Adam (Jack Dylan Grazer), who happens to have a disease where his bones are extremely frail, discovers that his father is a mermaid hunter! Siren must say goodbye to her friends and family in order to try and escape from the hunters. The ending of this film has so many unexpected and fun twists that I highly recommend you jump in without any further research to fully be able to feel their impact.

Race 3 (2018) | Prime

Race 3 is an Indian action film saga, that is internationally mounted and centers on a family that does a lot of borderline crime. They are ruthless and vindictive to the core. The first two films are available on Netflix (RACE 1 LINK | RACE 2 LINK) and a fourth on is set to come out in 2021. The first two films feature Said Ali Khan as the lead character named Ranvir Singh, but this third one has Salman Khan, one of the three Khans (or Kings) of Bollywood, who plays Sikandar Singh. In this 3rd installment of high action films, Sikander is entrusted with a high stakes heist by Shamsher (Anil Kapoor). This film is admittedly the worst of the three fun guilty pleasure films, it still has loads of extreme action and more plot twists than you could ever hope for.

Bad Moon (1996) | Vudu

Everyone loves a good werewolf movie, and this one is, thankfully, not that. While Ted (Michael Paré) is in Nepal for work with his girlfriend, they are attacked by a mysterious creature! Ted is brutally injured, but at least he survives, unlike his girlfriend. While recovering Ted chooses to move close to his sister, Janet, (Mariel Hemingway) and her son Brett (Mason Gamble). Soon after arriving, around the full moon time of the month, he discovers what had attacked him...a werewolf! Ted is completely helpless to stop the transformation, and Brett's german shepherd is the only one able to see the threat that is Ted. As long as you go into this film with expectations of a cheesy monster flick, you will have an absolute blast!

Click here to see last week's list of movies and our next, and final week of movies will be out on May 31! Leave any suggestions for others so bad they're good films available to stream in the comments below and stay safe! 

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