Leaked Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War Gameplay

08/26/20 EDIT: Black Ops: Cold War trailer is out. CLICK HERE to read about all the details from the reveal.

A few weeks ago we finally started to hear whispers about this year's Call of Duty. By this time in the year, we should have already seen a reveal trailer of some sort to start the hype train for the new game. But this year, probably due to the launch and success of Warzone, the COVID-19 pandemic and the current political unrest in the United States, in response to which Infinity Ward has pushed the launch of the newest season of Warzone, all we have is a supposed title: Call of Duty: Black Ops: Cold War. Now we have leaked pre-alpha gameplay of the game that, while still very unfinished, tells us a bit about what to expect from Treyarch's upcoming title.

NOTE: We won't be showing any of the gameplay here because it is leaked and will inevitably get taken down for copyright reasons. If you are interested click here to watch the currently circulating video while it still lasts.

The gameplay shows missing textures and no sound effects, which is not surprising considering it's Alpha footage, but we can see that the game is being built on the Modern Warfare engine. This means that features like mounting on walls and ledges will most likely be available. However, since Treyarch and Infinity Ward games often play different, it's safe to assume that the game will be adapted to the former's style.

The gun that's used in the gameplay looks to be a Daewoo K2, which was a South Korean weapon used during the Cold War era. This seems to confirm the setting and possibly the title. Furthermore, the Red Dot Sight attachment on the K2 looks very similar to the one from the first Black Ops game.

Regarding the campaign, after the scrapped story mode from Black Ops 4, its nice to see Black Ops: Cold War will have one. For the story, rumors suggest that it will be set around the time of Black Ops 2 but with ample flashbacks to the titular Cold War.

The Twitter user that leaked this footage stated that along with this gameplay he saw some artwork, multiplayer maps, and menus. He has also stated that he will release more gameplay soon. Furthermore, I want to add that the leaked Black Ops: Cold War gameplay seems to be in a similar state to the leaked Black Ops 4 campaign footage, which is no longer available to watch due to copyright claims.

There have also been strong leads suggesting that classic Black Ops maps such as Nuketown and Firing Range will return to Black Ops: Cold War multiplayer, but this isn't all too surprising since all the Black Ops games so far have seen some iteration of the older maps.

For anyone concerned that the game is "still in Alpha" when it's supposed to be out in a few months, keep in mind that we don't know when this footage was recorded. It could have been from a few months ago when the game was in a very early state. And, games tend to look very unfinished until the home stretch when textures and UI are updated and polished prior to the game going Gold.

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