Perfect Pitches and Indie Games | September Newsletter

Hello there, it's me Sri, and as much as I would love to say "wake me up when September ends" we have some exciting things planned for the month that are worth staying awake for. But before that, let's talk about August statistics. We started August off on the wrong foot and by August 10 we had barely seen 10% of our usual visitors. This was a bit worrying but we put our heads down and kept writing and, by some miracle, on August 12, the site saw a huge influx of readers that grew and grew to make August our biggest month yet. I can't really explain how crazy the turn around has been and while we will post content regularly regardless, it was a very nice push for the whole team. And that isn't it for August milestones either, GW International crossed the 30,000 subscriber mark and GW Gameplay hit 100. Every victory counts, big and small.

The next big news is that the site received official media status, meaning we can now more easily communicate with developers/publishers and vice versa. We've actually received codes for two games already, and this is an exciting step in the right direction for us. One of the games we received, Mask of Mists, is out tomorrow on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Our review will be up at around 6AM EST. The other review is still being written and will be out within the next week and a half.

The last thing I want to mention on the topic of the site, at least in regards to numbers, is monthly published articles. We work hard to publish quality content and that will always be our focus. However, last week I realized that the most posts we've ever published in a single month was twelve. In September, we want to try and break that record, even if it's just thirteen. To prepare, we've spent the past few days conceptualizing ideas and getting a few posts scheduled ahead of time to post at the turn of the month. P.S. One of those articles is my review of Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, which will definitely come out in September.

With that out of the way, let's talk about some new stuff we're going to be doing in September, starting with Pitching the Perfect. As some of you already know, a few members of our team are filmmakers, so we thought we would combine our creative and nerd sides together to conceptualize and pitch the ideal movie adaption of our favorite video games. The first one will be written by me and will be a Resident Evil movie pitch. There are a few other adaptations we want to tackle in the future, but for now Resident Evil is the only one that we're working on. The article will be published this Labour Day. If you'd like to see us pitch a specific movie, let us know and we'll give it a stab.

Next, it's time for the Indie Spotlight. We talk a lot about big AAA games here on the site but there are a lot more indie games that come out each and every week that we'd love to share our thoughts on. Now, considering our small team, it would be impossible to cover every new indie game that hits store pages, but, starting in September, we will be doing frequent Indie Spotlights to highlight any new indie game that catches our eye. The games we cover can be recently released or simply announced. Spotlights will be presented either as single pieces, like our first two on Paradise Lost and Morbid: The Seven Acolytes, or in a list of a few of our favorites. The Paradise Lost spotlight will be out in two hours, at 2PM EST.

At the end of the August Newsletter, I mentioned how I had watched 10 movies in the first week of the month. Well, the total sits somewhere around 30 films in August, although I did lose count towards the end. Of those 30, the only one I really want to touch on is Rangasthalam. It's a South Indian action drama directed by Sukumar and although I remember liking the movie when I first watched it upon release, I forgot just how great the movie was. There are so many aspects of the film that I think are super well done and even the more over the top sequences are handled with care. I also think it's Ram Charan's best performance to date. And as a quick side note, I also watched Bram Stoker's Dracula and even though I find the movie to be a bit too long, it's visually stimulating. I'll leave it at that.

Finally, let's talking about what I've been playing. Ever since I started my review for Hyper Scape, I have been hooked on it. Although there are some balancing issues, which actually should be addressed in a patch coming later today, I think it's a super fun battle royale. I also played a bit of Battletoads. And am currently playing through Mafia III. The game has lots of bugs but they make for a good laugh. I've been in the mood recently for a good visual novel so I decided to start playing I Love You, Colonel Sanders on GW Gameplay. If you haven't heard of the game's it's a pretty hilarious dating sim centered around the world-famous creator of KFC. It's free on Steam so worth checking out if you want to butter your biscuits. Whatever that means.

And that is it for our second consecutive newsletter! Thank you so much for reading and supporting Great White & Co. We appreciate all our readers and their kind messages. Hope all of you are staying safe out there and until next time you can follow us on social media @greatwhiteandco or me @sdskandco!

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