7 Free Horror Movies to Watch This October

The spooky lists continue. Last week we did a list of 7 scary games on Xbox Game Pass, and this week we present to you 7 horror flicks you can stream right now on Tubi or Crackle for free. We tried our best to find a good mix of movies, some are genuinely great while others are just fine for a single watch. A bit of forewarning, in order to watch these movies for free, you will need to sit through a few ads. And, no, they will not play when you have adblocker on so no need to try it. Some of the films are also available on Prime if you have a subscription and want to forego the ads. Okay, now time for the list. 

Better Watch Out (Crackle and Tubi) | This holiday horror is one to remember. The highlight of this sinister film is from the performances of the young cast. With a plot full of twists and turns, this unconventional home invasion film will leave even the most avid horror film watchers guessing until the end. This film is one that you'll either love or hate, so better watch it to find out which it is for you. 

Grave Encounters (Tubi) | This modern-day Blair Witch comes as a suggestion from a friend of the site, Evan. This 2011 film centers on the crew of a ghost churning TV show that's locked up in an abandoned psychiatric hospital for their investigation. (Speaking from personal experience, this is not something we'd recommend.) In order to preserve the scares, the less said about the movie the better. But there is a reason that this low budget Canadian found footage film spawned a series of films with the third film still rumored to be in production.

The Tall Man (Tubi) | If you're more a fan of mind game horrors over ones that make you jump, then this one will be right up your alley. The son of the main character is the most recent victim in a series of child-abductions in the small town they live in. A sinister figure, known as The Tall Man, seems to be behind these crimes, but who is the real villain in this twisted tale? This thriller/mystery is not overtly horror, but the unsettling feelings it instills are ones that will stick with you. 

The Uninvited (Crackle and Tubi) | This remake of the South Korean film A Tale of Two Sisters (which is currently not available free anywhere) was met with a low rating from critics, but the audience scores and reviews are glowing. This horror is about a young girl, Anna, who returns from a mental hospital only to find her family quite different than she left it. Her widowed father is now engaged to her mother's old nurse, and Anna and her sister aren't the only ones who have a problem with that. This is definitely the kind of movie you want to jump into with as little prior knowledge as possible, so go ahead and jump. 

The Wailing (Crackle and Tubi) | This South Korean horror/thriller is set in a small town that has been impacted by a recent murder spree. Fear and paranoia lead to a lot of fingers being pointed at the mysterious stranger who arrives in town. The movie is a bit of a slow burn, but don't worry, that speed is used to build up the intensity for later in the film. The Wailing does a great job of keeping you guessing and making you feel uneasy while still preserving the character drama at the heart of the film.

Train to Busan (Crackle and Tubi) | Train to Busan is one of the best zombie films of the past decade. The creativity this South Korean film brings to a genre that has been arguably overused is refreshing and intense. You follow a father and daughter as they work with others on the train they are trapped on to try to survive the start of the zombie apocalypse. This movie has you paying attention the entire time with every character having enough development for you to have an opinion on them, making the darker scenes that much more impactful. I have yet to hear a bad review for this film and while it is not as conventional of a horror as many on this list, the use of horror elements with drama, zombies, and so much more makes for an intense experience. 

Ju-On: The Grudge (Tubi) | You've probably heard of the American The Grudge films, but have you heard of the movies they are based on? This Japanese film is one of many in the Ju-On film franchise, but due to the Hollywood remake of a similar name, it is the most well known. Similar to the Hollywood remake, this film takes place in a house that has had a true horror occur in it in the past. The house absorbed that moment and makes all who visit know. You watch many vignettes and see how they all intertwine as this thrilling tale unfolds. The film has a lot in common with the remake, but it is a bit darker and showcases more, so whether you liked the remake or not, it is worth giving this film a try.

And there it is. Our list of 7 free horror movies you can watch this October. If you're in the mood for more, you'll be glad to know that there are plenty more horror flicks on Tubi and Crackle. However, their quality is not guaranteed. If you find a film that you think belongs on this list, let us know with a comment below. Check back in through the rest of the month to get more lists including the team's personal favorite Halloween movies and a horror streaming guide for Netflix.

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