New PlayStation Trophy System Explained

If you've read my reviews in the past, you'll know that while I do enjoy Achievements on Xbox, PlayStation Trophies have always been my addiction. I love the sound that plays whenever a Trophy pops and I have since I first got my PlayStation 3 over a decade ago. So it's exciting to see that as we step into the next generation of PlayStation consoles, to see some changes to the Trophy system.

Earlier today a PlayStation Blog post detailed the new Trophy system that would be implemented overnight here in North America and later tomorrow in Europe. The first big change is to levels and leveling. Instead of Trophy levels spanning from 1 to 100, they will now go from 1 to 999. Whatever your current Trophy level is, it will be scaled to this new range of levels. The example they gave was that an account with a Trophy level of 12 will now level to somewhere in the low 200s. This wider range of levels means that players can level faster and more frequently than before.

The reason for the vagueness when saying "somewhere in the low 200s" is because now each trophy type, Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum, will be weighed differently. A Platinum Trophy will now give you even more of a boost than a Bronze Trophy. (As it should.) So even if you and your friend are both level 12, the person who has more Platinum and Gold Trophies will be boosted to a higher level.

Next up, trophy level icons will also change, though this will be reflected only on the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation app. As you can see above, from now on, there are 4 different icon classes that are similar to the trophy varieties: bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Trophy level 1 to 299 will be Bronze, 300 to 599 will be Silver, 600 to 998 will be Gold and finally, the highest level, 999, will be Platinum. The icons in each level will get more complex the higher you go.

They also made a note to reaffirm that existing Trophies will carry over onto the PlayStation 5, although that was something I don't really think was ever under suspicion. Personally speaking, this is something that shouldn't affect existing Trophy Hunters much other than having a new range of Trophy levels to identify by. And I suppose the Trophy level ranges and progression of the icons may be an added bonus to strive towards. However, I do think this will be a big move to bring in more Trophy Hunters because it can be a bit tough initially to level up really fast for the first 5 or so levels in the current system and feel like you hit a brick wall and are not progressing as much. Having just recently created a new PlayStation account to start leveling and Trophy Hunting on, I am excited to see where I jump to after this update tonight, but past that I can't really be more excited to play some games on the PS5. This, to me, is just icing on the cake.

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