Fortnite Adds a Monthly Subscription Service called Fortnite Crew

Since it released in 2017, the battle royale mode for Fortnite has always been free to play. This no fee for entry is a big part of the game's monumental success. However, for any free game, there are always paid content and in-game stores to entice players wanting to customize their character into spending some cash. Over the last few months, Epic has partnered with several companies to bring big-name IPs to the game like various Marvel characters, Star Wars lightsabers, and, more recently, the Ghostbusters suits, to sell its Battle Pass. Now, Epic has added a new layer of monetization to the game called Fortnite Crew. This new monthly subscription will start on December 2nd and cost $11.99 per month.

Players who subscribe to the "Ultimate Fortnite Offer" will get several in-game bonuses including a Battle Pass for the full season, 1,000 V-Bucks every month, and a new monthly crew pack. What exactly does that entail? Well, to keep the game fair all the content will be cosmetic and won't offer any real edge gameplay-wise. But if customization is your thing, the Battle Pass will unlock 100 in-game rewards such as new skins and emotes.

So what makes this better than the current Battle Pass? Along with the 1,000 monthly V-Bucks, Fortnite Crew members also have exclusive outfit bundles each month that will come with a special outfit and a matching glider, pickaxe, or emote. The Crew Pack for December 2020 is the Galaxia set (shown above in the promo image) along with a Cosmic Llamacorn Pickaxe and Fractured World Back Bling. They stress that these benefits are exclusive to Fortnite Crew members so they won't appear on Battle Pass.

There are a few things to look out for before you start your membership. Firstly, for players who play on multiple platforms, your subscription is tied to your Primary Platform. So choose wisely because the benefits like V-Bucks are non-transferrable. For players who already own this season's Battle Pass, you will get an extra 950 V-Bucks. Fortnite Crew memberships will start on December 2nd.

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