Next-Gen is Here | November Newsletter

Spooktober may be gone but Next-Gen November is here! In less than 2 full weeks the first Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5 will start appearing on doorsteps of players around the world. As I said in the October Newsletter, the GW&CO team is also getting the systems to ensure we can keep covering all the new hardware and software releasing this month. With that said, let's get to the updates for the month, there aren't too many so this will be brief.

To start off, Alexa will not be writing on the site this month. She is taking some time to work on another project. Don't worry though, if you want to get more Alexa content, she still uploads almost daily on GW International and she has a second youtube channel called ALEXA & CO for game walkthroughs, vlogs, and other random videos.

Which brings me to the second point for this newsletter. A few days after the October newsletter was published we decided to change some things in the GW&CO YouTube plan. The main channels will be put on hiatus because making the kind of quality content we want on there is not possible due to COVID. So instead, each member, as they see fit, will have their own channel to share content that they want to make. I have SDSK & CO for example. So far I have uploaded my Twitch streams including the full Batman: Arkham Asylum and Layers of Fear playthrough. And more videos are planned so stay tuned.

Now to make up for Alexa's absence this month Austin will be stepping up a bit. He's getting the PlayStation 5 so our coverage of that system, as well as a few PlayStation 5 games, will be done by him. We're currently trying to get some current-gen game reviews out the door before next-gen so expect those in the next week and a half.

Ok, now for some personal takes. First of all, wow! Pokemon TCG has just skyrocketed in price and popularity. I started collecting around this time last year opening Cosmic Eclipse packs. The feeling of opening Pokemon cards is something special for sure. However, my collecting run was put on hold due to some small little virus called Corona. Nevertheless, as I flipped through my binder last month, I was not prepared for the huge jump in stardom for the game. Now my YouTube subscription feed is full of people opening Pokemon cards just because it's the new trend. And consequently, boxes that cost $35 at the start of the year now cost $500 to $700.

As usual, I watched a lot of movies this month and the highlights are The Invitation, The Trial of the Chicago 7, Borat Subsequent Moviefilm, and Colour Photo. Borat 2 was an outrageous film at times but one that feels necessary in the leadup to this election. The amount of alarming things that were casually said or done by real, and sometimes important, people is a sign of the times. If you are a reader that lives in the United States and has the ability to vote, Please go out on November 3rd, and GO VOTE! Colour Photo is an indie Telugu film that is streaming exclusively on Aha. I had no expectation for the film and I'll be honest the second act really slows the film down. But man the ending is good. It's a simple story executed well and it left me sadder than any film has in recent memory. Not all the acting is great, but the core cast is capable and really carries the film. I watched a few other films that I liked but they were rewatches so I didn't mention them here. Shoutout to The Conjuring 2 and The Dark Knight Rises. There were also two movies I watched for the first time this month that I just didn't like at all and those are Scary Movie 5 and The Green Inferno.

And that brings another newsletter to a close. Next month we have a pretty exciting announcement for the newsletter so stay tuned for that. Thank you, as always for reading and supporting the site. Some awesome content is on the way. So, subscribe, bookmark, and stick around. We hope all of you are staying safe out there and until next time you can follow us on social media @greatwhiteandco or me @sdskandco!

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