PlayStation 5 | One Week Later

Today marks one week of the great Walmart website crashing of 2020, otherwise known as PlayStation 5 release day. This beautiful large white console drove me mad within the process of pre-ordering and shipping. The pre-orders started a day earlier than anticipated back in September which resulted in me getting a stern talking to by my employer for leaving a zoom call early to secure a pre-order from Target. The time from September, when I preordered, to release day was a personal hell as I moved to a new address and was unable to change the shipping location. But I succeeded in grabbing the delivery man on the estimated date of arrival and retrieved the package that some are now selling (or at least attempting to sell) for upwards of $2,000! Is it worth paying all that extra money just to secure a PS5? Today, I am hoping to help you make a more informed decision.

The build of the PlayStation 5 is beautiful. Definitely not some third rate duelist like Joey Wheeler. No, this is an elite Seto Kaiba level type of build. Jokes aside, the console is very pleasing to look at with its white side panels and its glossy interior but the size of the console is something you definitely have to plan for in advance due to how heavy and massive it is. The console stands 15.4 inches tall, 10.24 inches deep, and 4.09 inches wide and weighs nearly 10 pounds. If you think the stand is going to help with displaying this monster of a console, I will also like to inform you that the stand is not great as you just slip it onto the back of the console and personally I am not 100% confident that this will be enough to stop a minor bump from making the PlayStation come unhooked and potentially falling. Now I also want to add that although everything I say is in regards to the disc-version of the PS5, it also applies for the slimmer disc-less version.

Storage space for the PS5 starts at 825GB, but only comes with 667GB available to use. This size is definitely usable. I personally have NBA 2K21, both Spider-Man games, Rocket League, Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War, Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Godfall, and God of War installed and have roughly 121GB remaining just to give you an idea of how much it will hold. The downside to the amount of space is if you are someone who likes to have everything installed, as I typically do, there is no support for additional SSD storage yet. Sony has gone on record to say that there will be a system update in the future that will allow people to install additional SSD to the dedicated internal slot that can fit an M.2 SSD Stick. The current going rate on a 1TB M.2 Stick of SSD is roughly $150, but with PlayStation's revolutionary SSD technology I can only imagine that the dedicated memory to properly utilize all the PS5's features will cost more than the standard rate.

The system runs extremely well and adds a new stylish yet simplistic interface to the console. System startup leads to a very basic layout that shows your games on one tab and your media on another with the store being built into the interface as an extension of it rather than being its own app allowing you to move in and out of the PlayStation store seamlessly. Load times for games are not something that I worry about too often anymore as most games are ready to be played by the time I open up Instagram or Facebook, and PlayStation 5 makes the start-up for games quicker as well. With its first-party titles, you no longer have to see the publisher's name or any additional graphics prior to getting to the title's home screen after seeing it the first time. The surprisingly fast load times are not the only thing that will amaze you with the games as graphically you can see an improvement from the previous generations. Though the console advertises that the PS5 can support up to 8K graphics and ray tracing, many of us will not be able to utilize the maximum capacity as an 8K TV is currently going for about $2300. But I can assure you that your regular ol' 4K TV will still accurately display the smooth, crisp, vibrant graphics that the PS5 can produce.

The purchase of a console does not only come with the system but a controller as well, and this my friends is by far my favorite part so far of this new generation. The DualSense controller is the best controller that any console has ever launched with. Period. The controller is incased with the same beautiful colors that the PS5 has and has a good weight to it. For those who are fans of bigger controllers, this fits perfectly in your hands which is different than most other PlayStation controllers to this point. The sensors and touchpad have been updated from the PS4 to be more advanced and be utilized more to go along with the haptic feedback on the triggers. The triggers are something that I never knew I needed while gaming, but it really increases the difficulty and gives the player a new experience in games like Call of Duty where you feel the difference when using a lighter gun compared to a heavier gun while aiming or even a gun that fires more bullets per second. The controller also does have a built-in microphone that is surprisingly good for general party chat but is something that I (and many other people) forget exists and leads to potentially embarrassing moments because you are talking into a microphone at all times unless you click the mute button that is built into the controller.

Overall, the latest PlayStation system is very efficient and fast while playing games and comes with great hardware off the bat. But the monstrous build and limitations on storage in the meantime do limit the upside of this console for some. Should you pay scalpers the big bucks to secure a PlayStation 5 for Christmas? No. The console is very fairly priced at $500 and there will be a restock on consoles before Black Friday, and if you're still unsuccessful at getting one, just wait till the new year. There is no rush to buy the PS5 (or any next-gen console) when all of the games for the next few months will still be released on previous generations. Unless you are really looking forward to specifically playing Astro's Playroom and you just can't wait.

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