Most Wonderful Time of the Year | December Newletter

Hoo-ray! One more month until 2020 is over and the curse can be broken. At least, that's what I think caused this mess. But before it's over, there are some great things to look forward to. Two of those things land on December 10. One being The Game Awards 2020 (click here to see the nominations) and the other being the release of a small little indie game called Cyberpunk 2077. But before we talk about what's to come, let's look at November.

We hit 17 articles last month and the crazy thing, for us, is that we didn't even plan on it. We just covered the games and news we care about and looking back we had a lot to talk about. And even more surprisingly, I went from worrying that it would mainly be me writing last month due to Alexa stepping away for some side project to having our first month where everyone person on the team (both main and auxiliary) managed to get a piece out in November. We have coverage on the next-gen consoles, the 007 game from IOI, and several reviews for some great games. Just yesterday I published the review for Chronos: Before the Ashes. The game comes out today and in a few hours, I will also be posting a guide for one of the game's most difficult puzzles.

While talking about November, I also want to mention one of my favorite things about games coverage, although it extends to media coverage in general, and that is interacting with the people who make them. This month we've had multiple developers engage with our coverage of their games and it's always amazing to see someone appreciate our honest reviews and opinions, even if they aren't always a 10/10 rating. As we move forward I hope to strengthen our connection with creators from all fields and expand our network.

Moving into future coverage, we are hoping to get our hands on Cyberpunk 2077 though plans are always subject to change. When I get the time I've been trying to go through and clear my backlog, as I did last month with Modern Warfare 2 Remastered, so I plan on playing something I picked up during the recent Black Friday sales. Slightly off-topic, I've started to hear rumors about a Modern Warfare 3 Remastered and I am hoping it comes out soon, my bet is still for April 2021. As I said already, we have a guide for Chronos coming out, it is our first real game guide and it's something we've been planning on doing for a while. We'll gauge audience interest based on the reception of that one and go from there.

Now onto me. This month was a busy one but the last week of mostly days-off and half days has been refreshing. I managed to beat several games this month and not just ones I've written reviews for. Finishing a strong campaign is an amazing feeling and trophy/achievement hunting gives me a good reason to go back. Though I will say I am not as adamant on the Platinum hunt as I usually am as I try to move on to the games I know I have to cover. There are a few game reviews I've had on the back burner for a while that I want to polish and publish so *hopefully* those will be out in December before we start a new year.

As for movies, I spent 20 hours in Middle-Earth in November thanks to the extended editions of all The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings movies. I honestly think that The Hobbit gets too much shit for the changes they made. Yes, the Elf-Dwarf relationship is weird, but have you seen The Rise of the Skywalker? And I really can't say much about The Lord of the Rings trilogy that hasn't been said already. They are amazing and the fact that I feel like rewatching it all after finishing a 4.5-hour movie is a testament to that. Besides that, I actually watched a few other movies and none that I feel strongly about mentioning. Other than maybe Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, a movie I hated as a kid and rewatched recently only to fall in love with it. It's a great movie that I highly recommend watching. Going into December though, I can say confidently that I will be watching several movies including Tenet (finally) and Wonder Woman 1984.

That brings me to an end on the very last Newsletter of 2020. This has been one crazy year for all of us and I sure as hell have plenty of unique stories to tell from it. Everyone has had their own share of difficulties from this pandemic. But thanks to the hardworking developers and filmmakers out there, we have had a plethora of amazing video games, movies, and three unique consoles to help us get through it all. And that's not to take away from the thousands of essential workers around the world that are making the world function. From our entire team at GW&CO, we want to thank everyone who's done their part in this wild time and we wish all of you the best this holiday season. Stay safe out there!

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