Indie World Showcase Overview | December 2020

In October we had the final Nintendo Direct Partner Showcase of the year and now we have our final Indie World Showcase. This roughly 15 minutes presentation showed off the various indie titles that will be releasing on the Nintendo Switch from Nintendo's global partners. Here are all the games coming to the Nintendo Switch as announced in the latest Indie World Showcase:

  • Spelunky & Spelunky 2 | Summer 2021
  • Fisti-Fluffs | Early 2021
  • Very Very Valet | Early 2021
  • Tunche | March 2021
  • Cyber Shadow | January 26, 2021
  • Calico | Later Today
  • Alba: A Wildlife Adventure | Spring 2021
  • Gnosia | Early 2021
  • Happy Game | Spring 2021
  • Super Meat Boy Forever | December 23
  • Grindstone | Later Today
  • When the Past was Around | Later Today
  • Kosmokrats | March 2021
  • Hoa | April 2021
  • Hazel Sky | March 2021
  • Trash Sailors | Spring 2021
  • Finding Paradise | Spring 2021
  • Among Us | Later Today

There were some beautiful and diverse indie games on display at this Indie World, several of which are timed exclusives like Fisti-Fluffs and Very Very Valet. My personal favorite reveal was Tunche from Peru-based studio Leap, its combat and art reminded me of Battletoads on Xbox and, of course, the big surprise of Among Us finally coming to the Nintendo Switch after taking home two awards at The Game Awards last week.

Although most major AAA games are skipping a release on the Switch, Nintendo's versatile console is still a great place to play Nintendo first-party titles and beloved indie games. Today's showcase was proof of that. What is your most anticipated game from the Indie World showcase? Let us know in the comments.

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