Everything We Know About Destruction AllStars

Next week is the release of Destruction AllStars from Lucid Games and thanks to a new State of Play on the PlayStation YouTube channel, we finally get more information about the game including game modes, vehicle types, in-game currencies, and more. But first, let's take the basics. In Destruction AllStars, players can choose from a roster of 16 unique characters before they jump into the arena to cause chaos. The third-person action outside the car is livened up with increased movement abilities such as double jumping, wall-running, and more. While playing, each character's Hero Ability meter fills up which allows them to use certain special abilities both in a vehicle and on foot. For example, one of the characters we were shown in the State of Play, Lupita, leaves a trail of fire behind her that damages players and cars that touch it. Meanwhile, the second character, Shyft, can turn invisible and disappear from the mini-map for a short period of time. Similar powers can also be used in the Hero Vehicle for both characters. When running around the arena, jumping onto an opponent's car will start a quick time event between you and the driver. If you win, you have the option of either a Takeover, which makes you commandeer the vehicle, or a Wreckover, which will let you destroy the vehicle. With that out of the way, let's focus on the bulk of the information.

Just like the State of Play, let's start with the three-vehicle types in the game. The first is a sedan design that is focused all on speed and is good for drifting around the arena. The second is more of a subcompact car that has increased agility, making it easy to maneuver. The third and final vehicle type is a Hummer-esque heavy vehicle made for dealing and absorbing the most amount of damage, though they aren't the fastest. All vehicles are made to be driven and destroyed and, thanks to the increased power of the PS5, the game features great destruction simulation.

At launch, Destruction AllStars has three game modes, Carnado, Stockpile, and Gridfall. Carnado is an 8v8 mode where you attack opponents to get Gears. All gears are stored in your vehicle and the only way to bank those points is to drive the car into the tornado at the center of the arena. Stockpile is another team-based mode that has you and your teammates collecting Gears. This time, however, there are three banks on the map and your goal is to max out all three banks or own the most banks when the match time run's out. Lastly, there's Gridfall, a mode where you enter with a limited amount of lives and must survive or KO your opponents until you are the last AllStar standing. But the catch is that sections of the floor breakaway and being caught in the wrong place can cause you to plummet into the abyss below.

Now it's time for the topic most people want to know about: in-game currency. It shouldn't be a surprise that in 2021 a game that, for a vast majority of its player base on launch will be free-to-play, has in-game currency. But in the State of Play, we got a glimpse of how that currency works and what it's used for. To start off, there are AllStar coins, which players can earn simply by completing online matches and leveling up. Then there are Destruction Points, which can be purchased using real money via the PlayStation Store. At some point after release there will also be daily and weekly challenges that will allow players to earn Destruction Points. Both these currencies can be used in the in-game store to purchase outfits and emotes for the game. The developers have made it clear that all the purchasable items will be cosmetic only and will not give players any in-game advantage.

That's everything we know about Destruction AllStars going into the launch of the game next week. Keep in mind that unlike the other two free games for PS Plus subscribers in February, players have until the start of April to pick up Destruction AllStars before it becomes paid once more. We're excited to get our hands on the game and play it. Be sure to check out our Twitch for live streams with the team where we will definitely be taking a look at this game upon release. And let us know what you think about Destruction AllStars in the comments down below.

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