Happy New Year | January Newsletter

Congratulations! You officially made it through 2020 all the way to 2021! This January is not only our first newsletter of 2021, but it is also my very first written newsletter on the website, as Sri wrote all the ones in 2020. Do not worry though, he will be back in future ones, but this month I thought I'd jump in and try my hand at it. I'll introduce myself a bit better down below, but for now, let's get to the news portion. There is plenty to look forward to this year, even just in January, but before we jump into what is in the future, let's talk about the last month of 2020.

Here on the site, we had a great month in December. We wrote a total of 15 articles and had a great variety in them, like our very first guide, which is for the sliding puzzle in Chronos: Before the Ashes, and subsequently 3 more guides. We also posted several news articles, such as the controversial Warner Media announcement about releasing the 2021 slate of WB films simultaneously in theaters and on HBO Max, the rough release of Cyberpunk 2077 on consoles, and, most importantly to us here at GW&CO, the release window information of Zack Snyder's Justice League for March 2021. And, of course, we also made a few reviews for some great games. My favorite was Call of the Sea, which is actually my favorite game that I played that came out in 2020. 

Now, moving onto future coverage and any other updates. This month, and continuing on to the rest of the year, one of our main focuses will be making more content, while maintaining quality as well.  There are lots of games and movies coming out in 2021 that we are looking forward to, so many that we actually made full articles about it, but sadly not many are coming out in January. There are still a few coming out though, Sri is quite excited for the game The Medium from Bloober Team, who made Observer: System Redux whichSri played and reviewed back in November. The game is in the horror genre, so if that's something you like (I don't much) then I'd definitely recommend checking out The Medium which will be coming out on January 28 for Xbox and PC. In the world of films, there aren't really any Hollywood ones coming out this month that I am especially looking forward to. There are, however, some good-looking Indian films releasing mid-January for the festival of Sankranti, like Master, Red, Aranya, and more. There is also the WandaVision series coming to Disney+ on January 15, and I am quite excited to see how the first of their many upcoming Marvel shows turns out. 

Also, you may have noticed that we changed the color scheme of the site. It used to be purple, but we decided it was a bit too plain and wanted to mix it up, we tried many different color combinations but settled on this orange and navy theme that we feel looks great. 

Now let's talk about me a bit. Hello there everyone, my name is Alexa, I am the co-founder of GW&CO alongside my wonderful best friend Sri. I am also a filmmaker and I currently am running our GW International, Alexa Plays, and the brand new Alexa channel. I also occasionally write articles here on the site and I'm hoping to write more in 2021. I love movies and games and I love talking about them, which is why we make content. This past month I watched some great movies and played some fun games, so let's talk about that.

I'm going to start with movies, some of my favorite older films I watched for the first time this month were Hot Fuzz and Slumdog Millionaire, I know, I run a channel reacting to mainly Indian content and I haven't seen this film? How could I! I have now corrected my mistake though and quite enjoyed the movie. Hot Fuzz, which is of course one of 3 in the Cornetta Trilogy, of which I have not yet seen the other two, but after seeing this one I am all the more excited. A few new movies came out this December and I liked 2 of the 3 that I watched. Tenet, of course, was a great film, I watched that twice and liked it even more the second time. I can't wait to watch it a third time hopefully soon. I also watched Soul, which is one of my favorite films of the year. It was a wonderful Pixar film, cute, good for kids, and containing an amazing underlying message to make it enjoyable for all ages. I sadly also watched Wonder Woman 1984. While I was extremely excited for this film, being a big fan of the 2017 Wonder Woman, I was left feeling quite disappointed. It tried for too much and ended up just feeling half-baked. The end message of the film was a good one, especially for the time, but there were some problematic pieces throughout, like with Steven Trevor's body, along with a lot of underdeveloped plot details and characters that made the film simply not very good. 

And then there are the games. As I mentioned before, I played Call of the Sea which is definitely my favorite game I played that came out in 2020, and I thoroughly enjoyed all 5 hours of gameplay. I also played Fortnite for the very first time on December 4 and I see why it is so popular. With fun skins to unlock and the thrill of winning to chase after, I have put quite a few hours into the game already, and I'm sure I will put in many more. 

This brings me to the end of the first newsletter of 2021! We are all so excited to see what 2021 brings here at GW&CO and we look forward to continuing to create content and expand into new ideas for years to come! Stay safe out there everyone and I hope you all have a wonderful year! Or at least a better one than 2020. 

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