Monster Hunter Rise Demo Out Now on Nintendo Switch

01/08/21 UPDATE: It seems that there was a miscommunication in regards to the demo release date. Despite it saying January 7, yesterday, on the Digital Event, it seems that the demo was actually et to release today on January 8. The Nintendo eShop did temporarily go down due to high traffic and demand for the demo but it is back up now and the demo is up!

01/07/21 ORIGINAL POST: As we get closer to the release of Monster Hunter Rise, we get more and more information about the much-anticipated Switch exclusive from this long-running series. Today, thanks to a Monster Hunter Digital Event on YouTube, we got the biggest drop of news about the game since it was announced late last year.

To start off, the event showcased some of the monsters players will be fighting in the game including the Goss Harag, which creates ice weapons using its own breath, Barioth, a flying wyvern, and more. Speaking of the wyvern, perhaps the biggest new gameplay detail we have is about Wyvern Riding, an unlockable ability that lets players use Ironsilk to mount and control monsters. When riding a Wyvern, players can also use them to fight other monsters.

We also saw a few of the characters that we will see in the game such as Fugen, the village elder, Hinoa and Minoto, Wyverian twins that are the Village and Hub quest maidens, Master Utsushi, the leader of the hunters in the village, and more.

For players who cannot wait to get their hands on the game, as you see in the title, yes, the Monster Hunter Rise free demo is out today for the Nintendo Switch. The demo includes 4 quest types: a beginner quest, an intermediate quest, a basic training quest, and a wyvern riding training quest. Only two of those are actual full quests whereas the other two are tutorials, but all 14 weapon types are available in the demo. The beginner quest will have you fight the Great Izuchi while the intermediate quest has you taking on the newly introduced Mizutsune. You should also try the two training quests because they introduce new mechanics such as the Wirebug. Along with solo play, the beginner and intermediate quests can also be played in co-op, so you can explore the Shrine Ruins by yourself or with friends.

The demo is playable until February 1 so if you have any interest in checking out the game or want to see if it's right for you, this is your chance. If you do decide to get the game, there is a Deluxe Edition of the game that comes with DLC including armor sets and gestures. And pre-ordering the game comes with bonuses including a Novice Talisman. Monster Hunter Rise along with three new Monster Hunter amiibo will release on March 26.

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