Resident Evil Showcase Overview | January 2021

Since COVID-19 has sent players around the world into quarantine, more and more publishers are switching to digital events to showcase their games. We've had Xbox and PlayStation do several events last year in the lead up to the new consoles and now we have Capcom giving the first big digital event of the year with the Resident Evil Showcase.

The showcase started with a new trailer for Resident Evil Village along with the first-ever gameplay for the game which showed off the power of the RE Engine. The gameplay also shows off some of the NPCs players will come across in their time in the village such as The Duke, the merchant, and the Tall Vampire Lady that everyone has been buzzing about. Village will also feature a guarding mechanic which allows the protagonist, Ethan Winter, to throw his hands up and absorb more hits at the risk of seeing less of what's around you. The game features a Tetris-like inventory management reminiscent of the one found in Resident Evil 4. However, this time around players can also craft health kits and ammo.

Along with the previously announced PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC release, Resident Evil: Village will also release on May 7 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The game will get a free upgrade from PS4 to PS5 and Xbox Smart Delivery ensures players can play the game across all their Xbox systems. The digital Deluxe Edition for the game, which costs $69.99, comes with several in-game items. The Collector's Edition comes with the digital content along with a statue of Chris Redfield, an artbook, and more. For players who have not yet played Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, there is also a Resident Evil Complete Bundle that comes with RE7: Gold Edtion and Village. Pre-ordering any of those editions of the game will give players the Mr. Raccoon Weapon Charm and the Survival Resource Pack. Lastly, if you are not entirely sold on Resident Evil Village yet, the Maiden demo is available to play on the PlayStation 5 now and will be released for other platforms later this Spring. As a bonus for PlayStation players, pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store comes with the Resident Evil Village mini-soundtrack.

But that's not all. There were a few more announcements during the showcase including RE-VERSE, which seems to be a multiplayer mode made available for players who purchase Resident Evil Village. Also, Ubisoft's Massive Entertainment is teaming up with Capcom to bring iconic costumes from the original Resident Evil trilogy to The Division 2. The animated Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness movie that was announced last year will be released sometime this year on Netflix, though no real information on that was given.

And that is all for this overview of the short Resident Evil showcase held on January 21, 2021. There was no Resident Evil 4 Remake announced as players were anticipating in the lead up to the event. But that remake, if it's happening, will be a ways away considering that Resident Evil Village seems to be very similar to RE4 already, and releasing both will fatigue players and hurt sales. But after looking at that gameplay reveal for Village, it's hard not to be excited about a new installment. Let us know what you think about the new announcements down below in the comments.

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