PlayStation Store on PS3 and Vita is Not Closing

At the end of March, following many rumors, Sony confirmed that it would be shutting down the PlayStation Store on PlayStation 3 and the PSP on July 2, and on the PS Vita on August 27. Once the news officially broke, the internet went up in arms, for obvious reasons, on why shutting down the digital store and pretty much closing the market for games that are not easily available to be purchased physically would not be a good idea. This PlayStation announcement also lined up with Xbox's announcement that they were bringing even more backward compatibility games to the Xbox Series X|S, leading people to believe that Sony was becoming more anti-consumer.

Today, the President & CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment, Jim Ryan, has made a post on the PlayStation Blog stating that they are now reversing that decision. It is important to note that the digital store will still be closing for the PSP as initially announced. But the PlayStation 3 and the PS Vita will live on a bit longer.

There is no timeline on how much time we've bought the consoles. But, with no end date in sight, PS3 and Vita players can enjoy the benefits of the PlayStation Store for at least a few more years. Perhaps this news will resurface at the launch of the PlayStation 6. But, for now, Sony has a solid lineup of classics to back its latest lineup of next-gen hardware.

Now to celebrate this good news, I want to leave off with some suggestions. For PlayStation 3 owners looking to purchase some new games, I would highly recommend checking out the Resistance trilogy from Insomniac Games, the developers that would later go on to make Marvel's Spider-Man. And for the Vita players, consider Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Virtue's Last Reward. If you have other great PS3 and Vita games for us to check out, leave them down in the comments.

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