Resident Evil Showcase Overview | April 2021

We are now just a few weeks away from the release of Resident Evil Village and the RE team is back with another Resident Evil Showcase to share more information about the game including a new trailer, more gameplay, and an extra game mode. To no one's surprise, the show started with a new trailer for Village that sets up the story in all its monster-filled glory.

Next was the new demo that was teased before the showcase. This demo works a little differently than the Maiden Demo from January. This new limited-time demo, playable on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, will be available at these times:

  • North America: May 1, 5 pm PT - May 2, 5 pm PT
  • Europe: May 2, 2 am CEST - May 3, 2 am CEST
  • Asia: May 2, 8 am HKT - May 3, 8 am HK

The demo will be a bit more open than the linear experience of Maiden and will give players 60 minutes to explore either the village or the castle. Just like last time, PlayStation users get special access, in this case, 8 Hours in Village, which are two 30-minute demos that PlayStation players can play this weekend and the next. These are the times for those demos:

  • North America: April 17, 5 pm PT - April 18, 1 am PT
  • Europe: April 18, 7 pm CEST - April 19, 3 am CEST
  • Asia: April 18, 5 pm HKT - April 19, 1 am HKT

  • North America: April 24, 5 pm PT - April 25, 1 am PT
  • Europe: April 25, 7 pm CEST - April 26, 3 am CEST
  • Asia: April 25, 5 pm HKT - April 26, 1 am HKT

To be more specific, this weekend is the Village Demo and next weekend is the Castle Demo. An expanded demo will soon be released for everyone but for now, players can pre-load the demo today on PS4 and PS5.

Then comes the extra game mode in Village called Resident Evil: The Mercenaries. This is a familiar mini-game to RE fans but this time with some new features such as The Shop, which gives you access to The Duke's Emporium to buy and upgrade weapons, customization options, such as Power and Rate of Fire upgrades, and Abilities, that increase damage or movement speed.

During the last Resident Evil Showcase, there was quite a lot of discussion about Resident Evil's 25th Anniversary. And that discussion continued in the April showcase with industry veterans Mark Cerny, Shuhei Yoshida, and more dropping in to talk about the franchise as a whole and how special it has become since it started over two decades ago. And much like the collab with The Division 2 earlier this year, a new collaboration was announced today between Resident Evil and Dead by Daylight. The Resident Evil chapter of Dead by Daylight starts in June and players who participate will receive an exclusive Umbrella Charm.

Also showcased at the event was Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, the Netflix animated series slated to release in July. The new trailer showed off Leon and Claire fighting for their lives inside a zombie-infested White House. On the Resident Evil timeline, the series takes place in 2006, two years after the events of Resident Evil 4 and the President is Ashley Graham's father. That's not the only adaption of Resident Evil in the works though. There is also Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City, a live-action movie from Johannes Roberts that's set to release in September. The movie has finished filming and is currently in post-production. More details on that are to come.

Lastly, we have some information that wasn't revealed during the showcase but broke right after it aired. Resident Evil 4 is returning, but not in the RE2 and RE3 style remake, but as a VR port. This VR experience is exclusive to the Oculus Quest 2 and Capcom's collaboration with PlayStation is probably why this wasn't mentioned during the event itself. Resident Evil 4 VR is being developed by Capcom, Facebook, and Armature Studios. The game will be a first-person experience much like Resident Evil 7: Biohazard VR.

That is all the hot new information about Resident Evil for today but the spooks are not over yet. This weekend we will be continuing our playthrough of Resident Evil 2 Remake on Twitch and checking out the new Village Demo on the PlayStation 5. Then, on release day, we will be live, playing through the entirety of Resident Evil Village. So click here to go over to our Twitch and follow. And let us know how excited you are for all the new Resident Evil content down below or on our social media.

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