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From frequently visiting our site to check our new content to becoming a member on Patreon, there are a lot of things you can do to support us. Here is one of the easiest. 

Below is a list of games, of our personal recommendations, that you can buy using our affiliate links to support the site directly without any extra money from your pocket. (Please note that the links will be for the PC version of the games unless specially marked as otherwise.) Buy games, support Great White & Co.

Maneater | It should be no surprise, given our name and branding, that we would put the RPG that has you playing as a shark at the top of our list. In Maneater you play as a Great White shark, yes just like our name, that is on a carnage-filled path of revenge. From humans to other sharks, there is a lot to hunt and fight in this game.

Party Hard 2 | Play as the Party Hard Killer and take out loud party-goers in this action stealth game from Pinokl Games and Kverta. Full Review Here.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Re-Reckoning | This fantasy-filled action RPG allows you to enter a whole new world full of characters to talk to and side quests to fulfill, as well as an engaging main story to keep you playing until the end. Full Review Here.

Metamorphosis | Based on Franz Kafka's novella of the same name, Metamorphosis is a first-person adventure-puzzle-platformer from Ovid Works. You play as a salesman named Gregor who must try and find a way to turn back into a human and save his best friend after being transformed into a bug. Full Review Here.

Spirit Hunter: NG | The NG stands for No Good, in this visual novel from Experience is the second story in their Spirit Hunter series. In the game, you'll explore haunted houses looking for clues and trying to purify, or destroy, the spirits that lurk in the dark. 

Hotshot Racing | Race away in this arcade-style game, full of drift handling and a retro aesthetic to give you the thrill of speed brought to you by Sumo Digital, Lucky Mountain Games, and Lucky Mountain Games Limited.

Disintegration | Jump into this first-person shooter which also features elements from real-time strategy games to keep you on your toes. 

The Outer Worlds | The Outer Worlds is set in an alternate future where megacorporations occupy star systems. You play as one of the passengers of the long lost colony ship called Hope that was sent from Earth to colonize Halcyon. After being awakened by scientist Phineas Welles, you start your interstellar adventure to unwrap the conspiracy that cold destroy Halcyon.

Pathologic 2 | Fight for your survival in this "almost unbearable" horror adventure game, the quote comes from the games devs, Ice Pick Lodge, who wanted a real and raw game, and that's what they delivered. 

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